Clow Stamping Company



About Us

Clow Stamping Company is a short to medium run stamping house with value added capabilities such as forming, deburring, machining, welding and assemblies.

Rep/Contact Info

Steve Allen
Director of Mfg
Cindy Clow
Reginal Clow
Lori Davies
Heather Edin
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Amy Engholm
Director of Customer Relations
Joe Goble
Production Manager
Robin Loftis
Director of Human Resources
Chris Lueck
Chief Financial Officer
Mitchell Nelson
Sales & Marketing Supervisor
Lisa Olson
Customer Support Supervisor
Darin Owen
IT Manager
Shannon Sawyer
Human Resources Generalist
Brian Stenglein
Systems Analyst
Mike Tollefson
Human Resources Generalist
Jill Vice
Customer Support Manager