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Wholesale Optical Lab supplies & services: Full product line of solutions that drive effectiveness for lens manufacturing. Products for lens processing in these process areas: Surfacing, Finishing, Coating & Automation Job Trays. Full catalog website.

Quick-Turn Manufacturing: For when you need high-quality, complex parts fast. Many CNC machining companies can make simple parts quickly but making complex parts quickly is another story. Our quick-turn manufacturing capabilities handle parts other companies find too intimidating to make quickly—like those that involve multiple machining and secondary operations.

Specialty Machining / Unattended Machining: We bring advanced machining resources to every project. We often times are serving OEM customer where our competitiveness helps their product line. We take on challenging high tolerance parts. When you can envision a batch running overnight the volume may be right for this approach.

CNC Coolant Automation & Monitoring: The FullShop™ Automated Coolant Delivery System monitors coolant usage at the machine tool sump and automatically replenishes the coolant before it runs low. Easy-to-install turnkey system consists of a centralized pumping station, controller, distribution manifolds and small level-temperature sensor.

Injection Molding. State of the art Injection Molding Presses Ranging from 85 to 310 Ton – shot size to 37 oz. When plastic injection molding requires exact and demanding tolerances, our experience in solving customers’ manufacturing challenges is what gives us the edge among our competition.

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