Event Security

Hospitality, Leisure, and Travel Fire, Law Enforcement, and Security Facilities, Maintenance, and Repair


Job Description:

Event security is responsible for monitoring the venue and people at the event to ensure rules are followed and everyone is acting safely. This is to provide a sense of protection to all guests, event attendees, vendors, and venue staff.

Main Responsibilities:

Ensure safety during the evening portion of any events where alcohol is served.

Secure perimeter of property by patrolling the grounds, checking all rooms of the venue building, and walking the trails, beach, lakefront, parking, driveway, etc.

Routinely check areas that are not being used during the evening. Kitchen when closed, ceremony area, suites, outdoor ceremony site, etc.

Monitor security cameras throughout the event.

Protect against and prevent potential damage, theft, and illegal activity from occurring.

Direct parking if needed for events with larger guest counts.

Kindly re-direct any smokers who are outside of the designated area to the designated area.

Keep an eye out for any children left unsupervised during the event and find parents to redirect the kids if needed.

Reset floor plan with VM at end of night by setting the reception tables in the arrangement for the next event and stacking all chairs.

Record all incidents or concerns that may come about throughout the night.

Oversee the facility and help with general upkeep.

Assist Venue Manager as needed.


Responsible, hardworking, authoritative, kind, personable, good communicator, respectful, diligent, comfortable with confrontation, problem solver, strong morals, ethics, and sense of right and wrong

Background of working as a security guard, in law enforcement, the armed forces, or a similar field preferred but not required


Contractual work approximately 1-5 shifts per month. Evening shifts which are typically about 5-8 hours long often starting at 6pm and staying until 11pm-1am.

Flexible schedule. Weekend availability required. Most events are Thursday-Sunday. You set your own availability!

APPLY HERE: https://naturelink.us/event-security/

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